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Revision materials for your preliminary exaiminations

families and communities study notes

families & communities notes – past student – Bored of Studies

Individuals and Groups

ind & groups student notes

Resource management

resource mgt student notes

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Play and childhood development

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Practice question

1. Evaluate the different approaches to conflict resolution. 6 marks

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Revision question

Work for 18th May – Hi Ladies – once you complete the 4 questions set I want you to mark each others responses and decide on a band for each response. Then type up an improved answer into the comment section below. If you click on the word ‘comment’ it will let you type in an answer and I will give you feedback on your response and we can see how others answered the question.

Critically analyse the effectiveness of leadership styles in a variety of situations. 12 marks

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Individuals and groups glossary

Complete the glossary of terms below and we will import this into quizlet (a revision activity) to help you study.

glossary spreadsheet.

Individuals and groups qiuzlet

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Packed to the rafters

Hi ladies,

I have attached a document with two simple revision questions based on packed to the rafters. We will Discuss these on Friday. CLick on the link below to download the file.

Packed to the Rafters

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Gender Socialisation

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Children see children do

Post a comment below relating this advertisement to what we have talked about regarding socialisation. (Use examples)

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Revision question

No matter the structure, all families fulfil the same functions. Critically anlayse this statement. (6 marks)

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Newspaper articles

Complete 2 newspaper article reviews on individuals and groups.
Copy and paste the links to your newspaper articles in the comment space below. You need to explain the link the article has to the syllabus.

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